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Product News - High-strength belt for lawn mower, lawn mower/lawn mower and other garden machinery

Product: W800 series S type high-strength garden machinery belt

Characteristics: adapt to instant super-strength dynamic impact, high temperature resistance, bending resistance (especially reverse bending)

Brand: BANDO

Applicable to: driving by lawn mowers and lawn carts on golf courses and large grasslands

Ningbo Woald Transmission System Co., Ltd.Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the largest port city in China, it is a professional transmission belt provider. Using the technology and experience accumulated in the transmission belt field for many years, various types of toothed transmission belts have been developed to meet the requirements of various motor transmissions in the three fields of automobile, agricultural machinery and industry. Need, especially the toothed belt with an effective circumference greater than 4000MM, has been well applied and praised in many industries such as mining, quarrying, chemical industry, and electric power.

The cores of our products include polyester hard wires, high modulus low shrinkage wires, aramid wires, polyester flexible wires, steel wires, etc. The belts cover natural rubber NR, neoprene CR, EPDM, polyurethane PU, plastic TPE, thermoplastic polyurethane TPU and other materials can provide corresponding transmission belt products according to customer needs.

We are adhering to the corporate philosophy of inheriting value and living up to the trust, and are committed to providing reliable quality and stable performance transmission belt products to customers all over the world.