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The length range of XPC and 8VX toothed V-belt is increased to 18 meters

The production length of XPC and 8VX toothed V-belts has been increased to 18 meters, which can provide customers with customized models of any length within 1000-18000MM.

The cores of our products include polyester hard wires, high modulus low shrinkage wires, aramid wires, polyester flexible wires, steel wires, etc. The belts cover natural rubber NR, neoprene CR, EPDM, polyurethane PU, plastic TPE, thermoplastic polyurethane TPU and other materials can provide corresponding transmission belt products according to customer needs.

We are adhering to the corporate philosophy of inheriting value and living up to the trust, and are committed to providing reliable quality and stable performance transmission belt products to customers all over the world.