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Advantages of toothed V-belt

Toothed V-belt, also known as cutting V-belt, is formed by one-time molding and vulcanization of the same material. Toothed V-belt has many advantages, mainly including:

1. Good integrity, uniform stress and stable operation.

2. High bearing capacity, long service life, suitable for high-power transmission.

3. High stability, which can eliminate the possibility of belt overturning on the pulley.

4. The belt body is toothed and can dissipate heat, which is suitable for high speed transmission.

5. It can move smoothly on the pulley to reduce vibration.

6. The strong woven cable is closely combined with rubber material, which is suitable for high horsepower transmission.

7. Oil and heat resistant, suitable for harsh conditions.

8. Strong pressure resistance and elongation resistance, high transmission efficiency.

9. Excellent buckling performance can be used for smaller pulleys.