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Precautions for storage and operation of belt

Precautions for storage and operation of belt

Storage considerations

In order to maintain the availability and size of the belt, the power transmission belt must strictly adhere to its correct storage process. Many belts that fail in advance can be found to have been injured first because they did not operate according to the storage process before installation. Through the following guiding principles, the belt failure in advance can be avoided.


The belt should be stored in a cool and dry environment without direct sunlight. The best storage condition is that the temperature is lower than 30 ℃. The humidity is lower than 70%.


It is forbidden to place the belt near the window to avoid direct sunlight and moisture erosion.

It is forbidden to place the belt at the vent of equipment with heat source, radiation and heat source.

It is forbidden to place the belt near the transformer and electric motor to prevent ozone pollution.

It is forbidden to put the belt in the environment with chemical release.

Do not put the belt directly on the floor unless it is protected by a special box.

Do not bend the belt during installation and storage.

It is forbidden to bind the belt together, especially the bent head and tail of the belt.

It is forbidden to store the belt hanging, because it may produce a small bending radius, and the incorrect storage method will cause the rope of the belt to be damaged, which will lead to the premature failure of the belt.

Take the belt from the warehouse to the site for installation, and pay special attention to avoid the occurrence of the above prohibited items.

Belt storage

If the storage temperature is not more than 30 ° and the humidity is not more than 70%, the belt can still be used after 6 years of storage. When the storage temperature exceeds 30 °, the life of the belt will decrease by about half for every 10 ° rise in temperature. It is forbidden to store the belt in an environment with temperature exceeding 46 °, otherwise the belt failure time will be greatly advanced.

If the humidity exceeds 70%, fungi and mold may be produced in this environment, which will affect the belt performance, so try to avoid them.

If the equipment is shut down for more than 6 months, the belt should be removed, and its storage environment should also meet the above requirements. The temperature should not exceed 30 ° and the humidity should not exceed 70%.