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Abnormal factors of air compressor belt and the function and fault handling of air compressor belt

Belt air compressor refers to changing the rotor speed through pulley with different diameters. Correct installation and adjustment of the belt will greatly prolong the service time of the belt and reduce the load of the main engine and motor bearing. During replacement, pay attention to replacing one set of belt at the same time, not only one belt, otherwise the new belt will be damaged due to different belt tension. Do not splash lubricating oil on the belt or pulley to prevent the belt from slipping.

Abnormal factors of air compressor belt

1. The two air compressor pulleys are not on the same plane, and the deviation is large. The belt is easy to wear, and will be damaged and broken after a long time of operation.

2. The belt tension of the air compressor is too large, and the collapse is too tight, which will also cause the belt damage.

3. The number of air compressor belts is too small.

4. There are foreign objects or sharp objects cut.

5. Burrs on the belt pulley of the air compressor will cause belt wear, etc.

For the screw air compressor driven by belt, the belt is an essential accessory. At the same time, the air compressor belt is also a consumable and needs regular maintenance or replacement.

The belt of the air compressor has good elasticity, which can ease the impact and vibration during work, and the movement is stable and noiseless.

When the load is too large, the belt slips on the pulley, which can prevent other parts from being damaged and play a safe role.

Because the air compressor belt is a vulnerable and consumable product, it may slip, shift, and have poor elasticity.


After the body temperature is cooled and there is no pressure, check the current status of the drive belt.

If the belt of the air compressor has no serious problems such as deformation, it is only necessary to select and install the bolts accordingly to make them meet the use requirements.

However, if it is damaged beyond repair, it should be replaced with a new one.


The tension at all parts of the belt should be consistent and be prepared to prevent slipping.

The key here is the strength, which can avoid accidents such as belt breaking.

If the air compressor belt is too tight, it will cause slipping, affect the service life of the belt, and also damage the compressor main shaft bearing; If the belt is too loose, it will not drive the pulley because the contact surface with the pulley is not enough and the pressure is too small.

The tightness of the air compressor belt is generally half finger to one finger, that is, press the belt from top to bottom in the middle of the belt, and the sag is half finger to one finger in the middle of the belt.

If the replacement and adjustment of the air compressor belt can be done well, it will also benefit the work of the motor and other accessories, which will virtually reduce the load.

Note here:

All steps should be strictly implemented without mistakes. Many times, damages are caused by operation mistakes.

The above is the function of the air compressor belt and the fault maintenance method!